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At NSNev we take pride in making sure that we offer the right advice and choices to our customers. Here are some answers to some questions that our customers most frequently want to know.

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Great advice on electric vehicle charging

Why You Should Consider an EV Charging Point for your holiday home guests.

Find out how you can protect your electric meter from running away from you and charging guests EVs for free!

EV charging for Schools

Find out how your Schools and Academy Trusts can receive grants to cover 75% of the cost of installing electric vehicle chargers.

NSN ev charging

Here are some of our tips on maintaining your electric vehicle and EV charger.

The value of your house could go up by £5,000 for having an EV charge point installed.

If you have been considering having EV chargers installed at your business premises now is the time to do it.

Read on to see why…

In this blog we will look at how an EV charger can help you increase your bookings.

Generate a new revenue stream by introducing ‘pay as you go’ EV Charging to your business.

In this blog we will explain how you can generate a separate revenue stream from your charger in a really simple and effective way.

Having at least one EV charger installed at your holiday let in Cornwall is and will continue to be a huge advantage to you as a business owner.

Our customer recently travelled through Portugal and Spain in their EV vehicle and discovered that this part of Europe has become really advanced with their EV charging stations.



Running a business is hard enough. Without having to think about EV charging points.

At NSN we take all the stress out of installation.

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