Charging Your EV In Europe

Portugal and Spain's EV Charging Catches Up With The UK

Our customer recently travelled through Portugal and Spain in their EV vehicle and discovered that this part of Europe has become really advanced with their EV charging stations.

As NSN customers, they have recently had 3 brand new chargers installed, one for their personal use and 2 for their guests staying in their holiday cottages.

With a fully charged car they headed on their maiden trip to their home in Portugal.

Whilst on their journey they were pleasantly surprised by how many EV charging stations there we available on their route. Discovering that every service station they came across was equipped with an EV charging station, something yet to be seen over here in the UK.

They also found that the majority of supermarkets also had EV charging stations. In fact throughout their trip in Portugal they had no problem finding EV charging stations, and they were actually more equally spread out and accessible than where they are from in the UK.

It was the same story in the south of Spain, where there were plenty of charging spots to choose from, but in contrast the North of Spain had very few charging stations.

It seems that the South is more advanced in EV technology in the North at the moment.

Our customers also shared with us that their EV’s charge lasted far longer over in warmer climates than over here during the colder months, amazing what a difference this can make.

Their experience since becoming an EV driver is so wonderful, they plan to take many more adventures in their EV.


What I took from this, is that it is so surprising that over here in the UK we still don’t have EV charging available at all commercial premises, since it is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about having an EV charger installed at your premises please contact us to arrange a site visit.

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Here's what our customers say:

'2 lovely gentlemen fitted 2 electric vehicle charging points for us. They were friendly, professional, and polite, answering all questions that we had. They were also very careful not to leave doors open so our dogs didn't escape. A top-quality service '
Charlotte Cowburn
'Excellent service from Joss and his staff from start to finish. Made an inquiry about an E.V charging socket to be fitted, 10 days later the was job done. The engineer was on time (1 1/2 hrs early ?), did an excellent job of fitting/installation and cleaning up after. Highly recommended.'
Ian Boxer

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

But working out how much it costs to charge from flat isn’t the greatest way of calculating cost, as how many times do you turn up to the petrol forecourt pushing your empty car in?

Electric cars are charged by always topping up. As an electric vehicle driver, if you have a charger available, just plug in and top it up.

As a business, when calculating your costs for charging staff, fleet, or customer’s EV’s, you have to take into account that most will be just topping up the charge they already have in the battery. Most people will charge at home and use other chargers to top up through the day. The chargers cut out as soon as the car is full, so never costing more electricity than is required.

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