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Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’d like some extra information please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01736 447 307.

How many miles can I drive on an hours' charge?

This differs between vehicles and chargers. Different electric vehicles have different maximum charging capacity.
Most new electric vehicles will be able to utilize a 7.4Kw charger. This is the biggest unit you can install at home.
So based on an hours’ charge at home, you would be looking to get 25miles, compared to 8miles from a 3-pin plug.

Public charging differs, as some vehicles can use rapid chargers and some not. But one thing to remember is that if you turn up to a public charger and the plug fits your vehicle but your unsure how big the charger is or how much your vehicle can take, don’t worry, the vehicle will work it out for itself. Your vehicle will protect itself by talking automatically to the EV charger and only allow the maximum amount of charge it can, even if the charger can charge at a lot higher rate.

What is the mileage range on an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicle’s come with a range of battery sizes to suit. From 18miles on a Hybrid vehicle to 380miles on a top of the range pure electric vehicle.

There are 2 ways of viewing battery mileage when looking at EVs. The manufactures stated range and the real-world range. The real-world range is the best one to look at, as this takes into account the real use of a vehicle through driving and utilizing on-board technology.

Do I need a permit to install a 240v charging point?

No, as long as you own the property/land where the charger is mounted.
If you rent or lease the property/land, then you may be required to seek permission from who owns it.

You are required to use an approved trained EV charger installer like ourselves to carry out the installation and commissioning of the unit/s.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

But working out how much it costs to charge from flat isn’t the greatest way of calculating cost, as how many times do you turn up to the petrol forecourt pushing your empty car in?

Electric cars are charged by always topping up. As an electric vehicle driver, if you have a charger available, just plug in and top it up.

As a business, when calculating your costs for charging staff, fleet, or customer’s EV’s, you have to take into account that most will be just topping up the charge they already have in the battery. Most people will charge at home and use other chargers to top up through the day. The chargers cut out as soon as the car is full, so never costing more electricity than is required.

How does the government workplace charging scheme work?

We send you a link to apply direct. It only takes 5 minutes, and you receive your voucher code within 24hours. You then pass the voucher code onto us with acceptance of your quote.  We have 180 days to complete your installation with the voucher valid. Obviously, we aim to get the installation carried out much faster. We put the application in with your voucher codes and receive the grant directly.

What is the WCS OZEV grant?

The WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) is a Government grant scheme from OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles).
It offers business owners £350 towards an electric vehicle charging point, up to 40 points. This means business owners can claim up to £14,000 towards their new EV charging installation.

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