Cornwall Tourists Have EV Charge Points on their mind

People coming on holiday to Cornwall will have a list of amenities they require when booking their holiday accommodation.

These include among others, parking, good WiFi, easy self check-in accessibility, and EV charging points.

In this blog we will look at these main amenities and how they can help you to increase your bookings.


On-site parking, ideally with close access to the holiday-let, is something that people will look for when booking.


Self check-in access:

Cornwall holiday guests like to have flexibility when arriving and leaving their accommodation, so an easy self check in and out system is definitely a big advantage.


WiFi at Your Holiday-Let:

In this day and age, technology and digital accessibility are considered holiday-let essentials. 

WiFi is necessary for any modern holiday-let. Unless your rental is specifically off-grid and catering to a “technological getaway”, your guests will expect WiFi as part of their package.

In fact, not having a fast wireless internet connection could actually deter guests from booking with you, or result in a negative review if it isn’t explicitly mentioned beforehand.

When having broadband installed in your Cornish holiday-let, there are ways you can add WiFi extenders in multiple rooms so that the strength is as good in all rooms.

We can help you with this.

EV Charging For Your Holiday-Let:

Electric vehicles are the future and it’s becoming more and more common for guests to bring or rent these cars while on holiday.

By installing an EV charging station at your holiday-let, you’re not only leading the way for the future of holiday rentals, but you’re also setting yourself up for the “wow factor” for your guests. 

Be one of the few Cornwall holiday-let owners to offer such an innovative amenity!

You can choose to either measure the cost of the kWh (kilowatt per hour) used or mark up your base rate to counter the expense of EV charging and make an extra income. 

For this you can add App software which your guests can access to pay for their charge via their mobile phone, this is a really effective way of managing your charging and is relatively hassle free.

Either way, it will be a huge perk for guests!


If you would like to learn more about how EV charging can benefit your business and your guests visit or call and speak to us on 01736 447 307.

Here's what our customers say:

'2 lovely gentlemen fitted 2 electric vehicle charging points for us. They were friendly, professional, and polite, answering all questions that we had. They were also very careful not to leave doors open so our dogs didn't escape. A top-quality service '
Charlotte Cowburn
'Excellent service from Joss and his staff from start to finish. Made an inquiry about an E.V charging socket to be fitted, 10 days later the was job done. The engineer was on time (1 1/2 hrs early ?), did an excellent job of fitting/installation and cleaning up after. Highly recommended.'
Ian Boxer

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

But working out how much it costs to charge from flat isn’t the greatest way of calculating cost, as how many times do you turn up to the petrol forecourt pushing your empty car in?

Electric cars are charged by always topping up. As an electric vehicle driver, if you have a charger available, just plug in and top it up.

As a business, when calculating your costs for charging staff, fleet, or customer’s EV’s, you have to take into account that most will be just topping up the charge they already have in the battery. Most people will charge at home and use other chargers to top up through the day. The chargers cut out as soon as the car is full, so never costing more electricity than is required.

How does the government workplace charging scheme work?

We send you a link to apply direct. It only takes 5 minutes, and you receive your voucher code within 24hours. You then pass the voucher code onto us with acceptance of your quote.  We have 180 days to complete your installation with the voucher valid. Obviously, we aim to get the installation carried out much faster. We put the application in with your voucher codes and receive the grant directly.

What is the WCS OZEV grant?

The WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) is a Government grant scheme from OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles).
It offers business owners £350 towards an electric vehicle charging point, up to 40 points. This means business owners can claim up to £14,000 towards their new EV charging installation.

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