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Advantages Of The Electric Car And Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Purchase

With the number of people purchasing an electric vehicle rapidly on the rise, we wanted to have a look at what the advantages of owning one are and why NOW is the right time to switch.

Cost Benefits

First off, whilst the initial cost of an electrical vehicle may be higher, there is no doubt they are far cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel car. The electricity used to charge an electrical vehicle works out around a third as much per kilometer as buying petrol for the same vehicle.

They are also much cheaper to maintain, the electric vehicle has a lot less moving parts than a conventional petrol/diesel car. So there is relatively little servicing required, as well as no expensive exhaust systems, starter motors, fuel injection systems, radiators, and many other parts that aren’t needed in an electrical vehicle.

Their Batteries will eventually wear out and need replacing, however, most companies provide an 8-year warranty, not bad eh!

Environmental Benefits

Electric vehicles are far better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars, so by choosing to drive an electric vehicle you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions, in fact, an electric vehicle has zero exhaust emissions.

Health Benefits

Going electric is better for your health, reduce harmful exhaust emissions result in better air quality which will lead to less health problems caused by air pollution. Electric vehicles are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution.

The Bigger Picture

On an even bigger level, electrical vehicles can help with energy security. At present, the UK is highly dependent on other countries for petroleum imports. Electric vehicles are easy to power from local and renewable energy sources, reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

With all this being said, I think it is undeniable that there are many advantages to having an electric vehicle.

On top of this, currently, the Government are offering a grant to help with the cost of EV chargers, the OZEV grant provides £350 towards the charger of your choice, so there has never been a better time to go electric.

Here at NSNev, we offer a number of different chargers, Alongside the installation comes the added advantage of a potential OZEV grant of £350 towards domestic and work-place charge point installations.

As OZEV approved contractors, we are eligible to claim the grant on behalf of the client, completing all necessary paperwork that comes with it, making a care-free job from start to finish for the final user.

Here's what our customers say:

'Excellent service from Joss and his staff from start to finish. Made an inquiry about an E.V charging socket to be fitted, 10 days later the was job done. The engineer was on time (1 1/2 hrs early 😀), did an excellent job of fitting/installation and cleaning up after. Highly recommended.'
Ian Boxer

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